Wishgard LLC

Working Together for a Better Future

Wishgard LLC Mission Statement:

"Working together with the Oil & Gas Industry and community to educate the residents of Ohio and the Appalachian Basin by providing oil and gas leasing and production opportunities."


Wishgard LLC strives to make the best possible arrangement to benefit the individual and community with an eye on the future, while encouraging production in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions.

Wishgard LLC takes pride in looking out for the "little guy" and pledges to be open and honest in all our dealings.

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Please contact us for any questions or concerns. Our expert staff is always willing to help anyone and everyone to the best of our ability and as quickly as possible.


We are thrilled to congratulate the owners of the many acres in the great states of Ohio and West Virginia, who have been successfully leased through Wishgard LLC. Working together, our hard work and dedication has cumulated in our clients receiving top dollar.

Since 2011, our customers have received almost $200 Million with much more planned to be distributed in the coming months. Wishgard takes pride in educating our customers and preparing them to make informed decisions. We want to congratulate our clientele and thank them for their business.